Supplement your intellect with common sense
tell yourself the truth twice, test it, and then say it again
let it hang low down and touch the dirt so you know where you stand
never be afraid of a confused motherfucker claiming to be a man
it ain’t your hairstyle baby, it ain’t them shoes
them shits is just extensions of whatever it is you want us to know about you
it can be seen through to the thing carrying it all underneath
feel free to play with yourself but don’t ever play with me
try to act like I’m a sovereign ass being out here just like you are
try to do the realest version of the truest shit you’ve ever thought of
amalgamate your weariness with your wit
prove to me that my choice to waste time with you is at least authentic

I talk myself through it on YouTube if you want to see what you’re getting into by knowing me! Click here:
I hope nothing but happiness, love and peace for you and yours always, have a wonderful day!
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