It can not be
Let’s be friends
Let’s hang out
Let’s get high and read our horoscopes and then mosey down to a book store
where you go find a title that says exactly what you want to say to me
and you come back holding, “I’d Tell You I Love You but then I’d Have to Kill You”
and I laugh and then we walk somewhere nearby for icecream
and I kiss chocolate on your cheek and you stare at me real close in public your mouth hovered over my mouth I can feel your heartbeat and I’m not even touching your chest and I just had a mini fantasy about our first drunken weekend in Vegas that hasn’t happened yet
we frolicking all evening and then you vanish from earth at dawn
because that is considered hi and bye to you and
ain’t shit friendly about that and I’m not willing to accept it
I mean, damn boy, for heaven’s sake, don’t play with my heart that way, and finger gun at my own head, and I go on and cry behind a dumpster looking dumb never to be heard from or seen again
when it could just as easily go differently
It could be hi and bye I’m willing to accept that
It could be I’m stuck and I think I got a little crush on you and really ain’t shit for me to do but say cool
It could be damn girl, good gawd, look at that thang on ya, and finger guns, and you go on about your fuckshit ass business never to be seen or heard from again.
Act right.
I’m sensitive, bitch.

2 responses to “Belmont Park Street Jesus”

  1. arhanak Avatar

    Always a joy to read your work…. it has a spark… a light… a truth…. that shines through !


    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      I appreciate that. Thank you for reading and commenting it means a lot to me.

      Liked by 1 person

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