All that I am clearly trying to understand is what exactly are you trying to say to me OK
because I am beyond confused
what are you trying to say to me
I need to know specifically what you mean
and you are being completely vague as far as I’m concerned
you said I have a killer style well done and that THAT was all you had for me for now
so of course I said thanks and then you said “your” pretty and your smile is refreshing -and that already ain’t right
so I’m suspicious
and so I said oh there’s more well lucky me thanks
then you said matter of fact like
luck has nothing to do with it

who are you

James Bond? The FUCK.
What the fuck are you talking about
what is this man talking about because I’m completely
wait so you stopped by my phone via text
to tell me you saw some photos of me and thought that I have a great style and then told me I was pretty and my smile is refreshing
Ok bitch
I don’t understand why you telling me every single thing about myself physically
that you find appealing like this might be my first time ever fucking hearing it in life
my beauty only exists ’cause you discovered it…
and that is what it is and now I know, right
obviously I don’t know why you telling me this
so I’m already taken aback
I mean you can feel that if you want to
do you really need to run me down the laundry list
“I like at least 17 individual physical things about you and I want you to know them all”
you said that
and I said OK there’s more because you told me that was all you had for me for now
so you went back and got some more compliments
did you go pulling them out of the compliments bag that you carry
I don’t understand it
and so then true, true, true I was being a little facetious when I said well lucky me that I get to get more compliments you know but then I said thanks again
a second time
thank you so much for these compliments about my physical appearance and you don’t know me from Adam and then he said luck has nothing to do with it
but what does that mean
are you saying that the reason why you can’t stop yourself
from complimenting me physically is because I’m actually so physically attractive that it’s literally impossible for anyone to dispute it and therefore it’s the truth so because it’s the truth it can’t have anything to do with fortune because if fortune gives it to you then it’s not earned and your compliments are earned because they are natural to me
I mean this is complicated
or are you saying
luck ain’t got shit to do with it because you’re in control of who you compliment and you have chosen to spend your free time complimenting my physical appearance and so therefore I’m not lucky that that’s happening to me I’m chosen
I mean is that it
I don’t know what the fuck you are trying to say it to me
and therefore I don’t know if I like it
I don’t know if I like it
I’m confused and I don’t like it when I’m confused already
and we’ve not even

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