Things I’ve been called:

In no particular order- albeit recently…

Sexy, A Nerd, Talented, Fat, Creative, An Overtalker, Raw, BrownNose, Square, Fragile, Real, Mannish, Thoughtful, Sassy, A Free Spirit, Neurotic, A Throwback, Stunning, Fucked Up, Bitchy, Too Smart(for my own good) and a Freak.
And I worry if I worry about myself enough…

Some of these adjectives are right aren’t they?
Some of them must be true
Am I worrying about me or you?

Things I’ve been called that I believed my whole life though:

Fucked Up

Every time I hear it I also hear a ding
Some of these adjectives, these particular ones, must be right, aren’t they?
I mean these are the obvious things so they must be true
And I don’t seem to worry about myself enough

But people change
they never really are one thing
except alive for a little while
so why would I be worried about you the whole time

Let them describe me how they want to
its cool
Because what it is that they actually say they see
is what’s in them more than it’s a reflection of reality
who I choose to be is changing
soon as I stop worrying
even if you don’t notice
even if you do
and want to tell me that you think I’m

and a Free-Spirited Being
I mean, these are the obvious things so they must be true…

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