The Stereotypical Threat of Neighborhood Jell-O

sure, go ahead and cut your ass off to plump your lips if it improves your mood
sure, go ahead and drink peppered tea darling run a triathlon baby, run two

but nothing is going to save you, sugar, not a program, process or plan
you’ll die before you know it, honey, fat or thin, full or empty, light or tan

Diet gurus die from heart attacks and top tier athletes struggle with mental health
Death don’t give a shit about oat milk injections or unlimited influencer wealth

It’s silly to believe social media, it’s dumb to waste so much precious time
when regardless of what shape you’re living in eventually you will die

don’t stop your 6 hour workouts though what good is reading a book anyway
read cupcake labels instead to moderate the caloric intake you don’t vomit away

it’s a whole lot of effort to make a body look svelte to hide insecurities so crude
sorry you believed them when they lied you’d be happier modeling in the nude

nothing is going to save that body doll, not a nip, sweetheart or a tuck
you’re still going to take dirt nap soon whether you’re fit, fine or fucked up

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