As it turns out a lot of irrelevancies are not under my control
You aren’t and neither is anyone else in the world
except the only person with whom I can enact any change
the chick in the mirror that I call by my own name
As it turns out people choose how long they will maintain
They will stand beside you on Thursday and be gone the next day
except the only person who is ultimately my responsibility
the woman who I was born with and who will die with me
I can be scared or weary or I can be tired and be distraught
I can remember my resilence might help someone else not give up
As it turns out anything could go down at any time
You don’t have to love me and and if no one else does either that’s fine
except since I’m stuck right here by my very own side
I’m going to do my best to remember to treat myself right
I can be unusual I can be flaky I can be weird and even wrong too
maybe I’m not your destination but I can be an inspiration if I live my truth

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