The Limerence Pylon Method of Retrieval Failure is Rampant

These are the things that I would like to do
I want to run your bath water
I want to have dinner on the stove when you arrive
I want to rub your feet and back after a hard day
he said
because you deserve it and I’m a gentleman
so I said that’s cool and all
that you so freely give
but of all those things you want to do
supposedly for me
not once did you ever ask me
what I would prefer to receive
so what does that mean
does that mean that you will always decide for me
what I deserve because if it were you
that’s what you’d want someone to do for you
and he said plainly and as crisp as the first bite into an apple

who hurt you
and that’s when I knew
the scam he had fallen for ran pretty damn deep
he was never interested in catering to me
but to a fantasy somebody taught that fool to believe
that displays of affection have to be
distributed to me through the lenses
of a romantic playbook call sheet
I tried again to get through
and said those things might be sweet
but why not just ask me
what it is that you could do
to show me that your affection was true
instead of just doing for me

whatever the hell you want to

and he put on his top hat and white gloves and decided to say
a real lady would like those things
so if you don’t like them okay
the sun set and then a few hours later it rose
and I realize now after blocking him that he wasn’t wrong
I’m not a real lady
I’m just a person
who chooses true communication
over playing a part
in some feudal patriarchal staged scenes
If he had actually asked me he would have seen
that a hug and a beer is all it really takes
to please me
love is not a do unto others sort of thing
that’s charity
love is volunteering
and if you’re doing it right you’re listening
cooking and baths is what you like, see
and that ain’t got shit to do with me

but it don’t matter sir
apple crisp crunching
I guess another lord

is not what I need…

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