Every day feels like a set up
so I look it at the whole world close up
and I can see further than normal beings
in my inner universe of imaginings
and in the thick of the midst of the best of it
the most I could think of was you
so make music some day about me
let me keep pinning you while you doing the plugging
and then you can waltz back for some more
your magic might be the cure
love is just being willing to adore
and have affection not be a chore
then your fantasy walks through the fucking door
and there you are
as I manifested, I’m so invested
in a place surrounded by snakes
there’s no one to trust
on this wavelength
but us
the people who don’t lie
about having a good fucking time
and how the creative can create
poems and symphonies
signaling the godhead of consciousness
outta human feelings

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