Can you endure it?
No. I’m hurt.
Okay heal.
Can you endure it now?
No. I’m sick.
Okay heal.
Can you endure it now?
No. I’m crazy.
Okay heal.
How about now?
No. I don’t think I’m any better. I feel hurt, sick and crazy. I feel angry now too.
Okay breathe.
No. It is clear to me that no one gives a shit about me, life isn’t fair, all my needs don’t always get met and I’m probably going to fucking die before I want to and I feel powerless.
Okay breathe but if you’ll permit
I find it funny… since you’ve clearly untold power…I mean, look at you… you’ve endured it this entire time…
Hmmm… true… but I don’t want to…
But that wasn’t the question.
So I ask you once again… can you endure it?

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