…and it’s the wanting more that is so pain-inducing
more minutes, more financial stability, more ways to manufacture palpability
masquerading as happiness
more comforts, more friends, more slaves- there is never enough- there never could be
even in our ideas of death
there must be more realms, more worlds, more experiences
that rely less and less
on dopamine, and breathing and thinking only needing more and more and more and yet
perhaps this ferocious hunger to hungering
is just the same addiction as religiosity
like loving is
to viral parasitic beings
like you and me
it seems
nothing exists more satisfactory than everlasting consuming
but one day all of this is ending and thankfully
there’ll be no more chasing
be grateful that day for us is coming
because right now this living is suffering
without you, there’s no point at all
to more
to me…

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