When I made the decision to love you it was final; it was a decision I knew then that I was willing to keep making, over and over again, in this life and the supposed next, no matter what happens to us or between us. I love you. I always will in this galaxy or the next one until there are no more to count. And I don’t need you to do a thing; you don’t have to change or you can, you don’t have to be with me but you’re always welcomed, this was my choice, for my life and how I want to live it. Now that I know you exist, you will have my love until love runs out of itself and you can ignore it, forget about it, think it’s false or fake, make fun of it and me, feel flattered or careless. I never said your response needed to please me. I never said that you have to stay with me. I never said it’ll change if you do. It’s my choice. When I love something or someone, I never stop. I wish happiness for you and peace and success. I hope you find the love you’re looking for and need in the right form for you to accept it and connect with it. I hope every pleasure a human can experience you get to touch and taste. This is what it is, for as long as I continue to exist. Count yourself as cursed or blessed. If I accidentally butt dial you on purpose, you don’t ever even have to pick up.

2 responses to “Crassulent Doolally Schmuckbait”

  1. Anonymous One Avatar
    Anonymous One

    I have spoken these very words, in almost it’s entirety, regarding someone I love, recently. I align with the truth of all of this.

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    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      Thank you for that. I appreciate you reading and commenting very much.


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