Hi, stranger that randomly sent me a message
letting me know very clearly that you are 31 and only interested in casual relationships, and if that’s something I find appealing to let you know, even though you’ve literally never spoken to me before throwing these little knowledge nuggets at my cyber feet.
I’m 46, not 31
so I’m no longer interested in sharing my sexual partner with other women, no real relationships are casual if they are good because eventually, somebody wants it to become something important like love. Sorry the rest of us humans are so frail.
I’d rather a guy pay a professional for sex and not have a relationship with that person at all instead of being cheap and wasting people’s time calling fucking a relationship when you’re basically getting a steep discount on a service from a person you don’t care to know or want to care about.
I’m no “romantic” but the kind of man I want only wants me.
I might be sillier than you. The difference is I’d rather be happily single than settle for the urinary tract infections that come with casual relationships at my age. I hope we both find what we are looking for and swiftly.
Have a great day!

My inner thought that I did not share as I’m trying to control my impulses- Boy your young ass is not attractive enough for me to have to put up with your bullshit just to get next to you. Fuck you. Feel free to find a mountain and leap off.

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