Yesternight’s Passive Oblivescence

It struck me as odd
that you would say it was 1:48 AM
where you were
when it was 5:48 PM where I was
but you’d said you were from New Jersey…
while you’d mentioned
that your people hail from Italy-
hmmmmmmmm…. so
I wanted to confirm
if Italy was in fact
where you were
since that time zone difference would then make sense
but you fucked up and said no, you weren’t in Italy you were in Sudan.
The story went that you had been in Sudan for 2 years.
And you were in Sudan as a physician, on a 4-year contract with NATO but after 18 months there, you were ready to take your money from the journey and build a hospital in Milan but your home was here in the States.
You said you didn’t like it there (although you had NOT mentioned any of this before)
Things weren’t “cool” there, which was an unusual way to explain the climate.
hmmmmmm….. I see now.
You are a liar. A pathetic one.
You are probably a scammer. A terrible one.
Too bad a time zone miscalculation was the beginning of the end of your charade.
People like you make me the saddest of all
The way you try to sneak into people’s lives and hearts and hopes and dreams
just to get whatever material possessions you can get out of them
is clearly not as malevolent as a murder
but just as insidious.
WHY the fuck would NATO hire a civilian doctor from the US darling to go to Sudan? Why would you have to sign a contract if you could leave whenever it got hard?
No matter how much this fictional job was paying you it would not be enough to break ground on a fucking hospital in a country where you don’t claim to reside. Even if you had gotten the timezone correct and said it was 3:48 AM, you pretended to be in Jersey, fool from the start.
All this, for what? Are you ugly? Are you stupid? Is your penis small? Are you broke and lonely and tragic and unhinged and maniacal and devoid of a soul?
I fear for the women who may fall for the pictures of the man you are pretending to portray and I’m sure what was next was you needed to escape from Sudan right away and needed help financially of some sort although you’re supposed to be a Doctor, and whoever heard of a broke Doctor, and whoever heard of a Doctor, randomly engaging with people who aren’t even in his social class?
hmmmmmmm…. sick.
Humans like you
make humans like me
want to give up on humanity altogether.
I was being friendly and you were concocting stories that aren’t even feasibly believable.
And to top it off, you asked me what my new year’s resolution was before you made the fatal mistake of mentioning the WRONG time
and I said, to judge less and be more authentic
so to check me when I told you that I thought you were lying your ass off you said,
“You shouldn’t judge people. You don’t have any idea what I have been through.”
Well you see, sugar
I was supposed to be aborted according to my mother
I have been abandoned by caregivers, molested by family members, and raped by the friend of a cop. I have tried to commit suicide twice, I’ve filed and survived bankruptcy, and a drug-dealing ex-husband who is wanted by the FEDs.
What you will not do is con me.
What you will not do is try to convince me that what I can see and hear and know and feel are misinterpretations and misjudgments so that you can gaslight, stalk or steal from me.
It all struck me as odd
but yet you are still a liar and a dumb one at that
and more than I hope that some karmic tragedy befalls you to correct your malicious ways I am grateful for the horrific circumstances I’ve endured
that allowed me
to speak up
when a love bombing sociopath
somewhere in Central European Standard Time
tries to kiss a target onto my fucking forehead
via the internet.

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