I’m projecting


Testing 1, 2, 3


observing these dark stellar nurseries 
of feelings
tender enough for me to tell myself to believe
some shit I’m making up
from an accumulation of gas and dust
In the time loop where I’m stuck
High as fuck
This initial gas cloud starts to erupt
Changing the faces but not the motivation
Moving the goalposts to an imaginary destination
A million years have passed in the seconds of our meeting
Be honest when you lie to yourself about our flirting
Say what it is with your eyes when I catch you staring
at this energy crafted accidentally
by incidental emotional collapsing throughout the galaxy
and you should be scared of me and you aren’t and that’s scary
so I told you I was going to go have a fling
that’s just my insecurities escaping
that’s me hoping that one day you’ll save me
but if you don’t say anything I won’t say anything
actually observing star formations is an impossibility
the dust as it thrusts into being can’t be seen visibly
You should want me and say so and stop false forecasting
but I’m projecting


always testing

you bought the microphone to amplify my singing
but do you hear my quiet yearning on this frequency
do the radio waves have you pulling to or for me
are chaotic patterns starting or ceasing
knowing that stars are randomly born and end up dying
just like me and you
just like we do
In the time loop where I’m stuck
Holy fuck

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