Under your arm instead of on the arm of a chair leaning over you
for just a few seconds
I wanted to feel safe there so badly
I wanted to melt right under your clothes into your skin
I wanted to be inside you
to be you
so I could finally get a break from being myself
and I heard you mumbling something
about how god is unfathomable and whatever we think it is
we thought that
so we can’t be right
and I think the order we find in the chaos
are fragments ever so fleeting
and meaninglessness is at the essence of our being
which is why we chase things and moments
like cuddling
just to make something out of nothing
how I did yesterday about you and me
I got up from under your arm because it stopped being comforting
but verbally I agreed with you
to get you to just shut up and kiss me
so I could jump back inside of reality
falling from an oxytocin parachute into the trees

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