How many times our languages have changed
but everything they describe is roughly the same
like there’s always hate, there’s sorrow and to lie
there’s devastation and mercy yet rarely will you find
old or new tongues with the word love completely described
we keep taking each other over and for granted
keep making languages to match flags that we have planted
and there is no yesterday not really you’ll see
it all keeps happening over and over repeatedly
the vowels may be different but the intonation is still high
when you hold a man down and stab him in the side
It is great to be human, to have something to say
its magic to find words that can encapsulate
but it’s terrible to be human and express pain as delight
and never sleep while breathing because death could come tonight
how many more times will our languages change
weve got ones with numbers and with wordless letters these days
but when it evolves, as the surface tends to
will the sexes and colors keep impacting rules
will they try to destroy each other in the same ways
claiming a god somewhere loves us and disagreement is insane
or will they grow beyond language and stop naming the truth
and only love one another with no branded remnants of proof?

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