First of all, it has always been some dudes
running around earth trying to perfect its goodness by dictating what we should wear
and how we should feel about it
and a few times in history they have decided to drizzle themselves with all the glamour
Like Popes
so we birds can see how it is done
and even in those times when it wasn’t acceptable for them to be frilly and glitzy
they became fashion designers and told us we wasn’t shit if we weren’t wearing
again what they deem to be beautiful, elegant, and conflated with feminine and soft
and we’re at that impasse again whether you believe me or not
where they know they created this shit for themselves and need to take it back
so they can peacock as is in their nature to do in fact
and the drag royalty is reshaped and reformed
and I’m here for it completely because, in my opinion,
that is what they are supposed to do
parade around and look pretty for me and try their damnest to keep
my attention long enough that I might decide to cuff THEM up
boys are the ones who like pretty stuff
but chicks control the money so they try to put it on us
and be honest, broads don’t wanna wear dresses with no pockets
don’t nobody who bleeds wanna fucking wear stockings
see he can’t just be gorgeous in the face
he gotta look good in lace and stop being upset
when my lips and hips and curves and dips don’t fit into his fantasy aesthetic
you designed that outline for the anima in you so YOU WEAR IT
you can have it, but don’t ever think some damn clothes makes a man
because even if we’re all naked
we’re all human
and that ain’t gender-specific or prolific
putting jackets and hats on dogs and scarecrow twigs
is proof that what it’s wearing doesn’t define what it is
the males like to see themselves all dolled up
it really ain’t got shit to do with us
that’s why clowns are scary but Dr. Frank N. Furter is hot
it ain’t sex that sells its red lipstick and taffeta

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