Lips chewed, hooks slung

I haven’t been this clever in a long time
it all seems like it was always connected from the start
but I am
just realizing where all of the lines inside me cross
the key is the forgetting
the key is the forgiving
the key is not quitting
the key is waiting and waiting and breathing and waiting
I couldn’t put my finger on it, not this close to the pulsing truth of it
in a really long time
I swear
I’ve been so caught up in the look of it and the feel
caught up in the reason for it and to whom I could appeal
caught up in the meaning of it when none of it was even real
just realizing where all the pain in me is stemming
the key is digesting
the key is processing
the key man, there’s a lot of fucking keys
and that’s what hadn’t dawned on me
since way back when the bug of writing it all down overtook experiencing
which was why I liked reading from the beginning
when I’m serene
I remember I’m a human being
just another bloody human

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