I am completely in control of my body and its impulses and if my intentions with a man are related to an intimate exchange on any level, I make it very clear to him that is my purpose for the time that we are spending, I don’t understand nor do I even believe in (based on my lived experiences) human males when they say, “let’s see what happens” that they are being honest. What they mean is,” I hope we fuck.” This is sad to me because if that’s what I wanted, meant, or intended, that’s what I would have said or asked for precisely. I’m not afraid of rejection either. Rejection is better than regret I always say. If I offer to hang with someone that’s literally all I’m doing and because I, again, am in control of myself, I’m not going to have a few beers and suddenly change my mind and open my legs. I don’t operate like a slot machine. If it’s sex, then I will say that, there’s no question or innuendo. I’m just a very point blank individual and I know what I want specifically and from whom and when… and yet every fucking time the dude comes to hang, he gets handsy, starts whining like a 3-year-old and gets removed, blocked, or deleted because they always think they can charm the pants off me. No one can. If I have not expressly offered sex, no sex is happening, period. If I’m playing coy it’s because I already told you I want to fuck you. If I have said nothing of the sort, why think I’m going to change my mind because of literally anything you could say or do? I’m either with it or I’m not. They never believe me and it’s tiring.
I’ve said all this to say, and I want you to believe me wholeheartedly when I do
it’s not happening
but you can drop and give me thirty.

The Founder, Admiral and CEO of BitchesFromDa3rdWetRock.edu

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