From an Audio Recording in Salvaleon De Higuey, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic that I made on my phone, very high and very drunk, to myself at 3:00 AM EST July 14th, 2022

My voice: 

Okay Self
the meaning of the moment is balance bitch


‘Cause here’s what you got to remember…

You exist in this world and you can do what you want to do in this world but you have to remember that what you do impacts other people…

So make sure that whatever the fuck it is that you choose to do

It doesn’t hurt yourself and it doesn’t hurt others, okay?

I know you like to kiss on all on the cute young white boys, ‘cause that’s your favorite thing in the world, but

Don’t let them accidentally think that- that means that you like them and you’re going to fuck them

Because you’re not

And, for real you’re not 


Just make sure whatever you’re doing is on the up and up

You’ve been strategic, you’ve been clear, and you haven’t made any mistakes

You don’t make no promises

And you out here, living your best fucking life- you got that?

Okay…just a reminder motherfucka from the peanut gallery, thank you, and good night.

Background voice:

Buh Bye!

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