Marsha Linehan better jump on this young shmoney train and call DBT ‘Hulk Therapy’ from now on…
In other news, it has finally dawned on me
that I’m not going to be able to avoid this anymore
I’m not going to be able to sweet talk myself out of it
I’m not going to be able to hope or dream about skipping a few steps
I’m going to have to take an action
I don’t want to take
for a whole lot of reasons
that don’t really matter
that I keep holding onto like I really want to still be the chick that they happened to
instead of living as the being I always was
and it has finally dawned on me
the part of the experience I’m missing
is fully behaving as a whole human
no excuses no vices no delusions no lying no crippling inner voices
just boundaries and edges and choices nobody else can help me make
although I’ve never been intentionally fake
couldn’t fix my own mistakes

So yeah, thanks, therapy for step one
and just as soon as I finish crying about it
and all I’m being called onto to do without complaining
about what living is
instead of just doing the shit

it’s on to step two…

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