I was going to write this long poetic rant
about this former altar boy that I met
who knew I was a male priest in a former life
He called his other lovers ladyboys
and asked for detailed descriptions of all my toys
determined to experience butt hurt without strife
I should have passed on his young ass
knowing his downhome midwestern charm wouldn’t last
looking like a 6’4 sexy Jesus in my black lace bralette that night
But he called his penis cock cock and couldn’t get his rocks off
until he looked at hentai pictures by computer light
He left and then said he enjoyed the experience he had
but it wasn’t one he’d like repeated
thank all the gods I replied
to say I was sad would be lying
and his number I promptly deleted
So I was going to forget and not write about the shit
because I’m tired of myself when I’m this way
I don’t know why I’m the type that Dutch Boys like
before they realize that they are gay…

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