I didn’t feel like working today-
it was one of those days
the blood is nearly here and I could eat the head off of a full-grown black bear kinda days
so I decided to work remotely but my boss was like listen you work late and on weekends so just take the day and don’t worry about PTO and yo-
I put up my out of office so damn fast
wasn’t no backpedaling or mind changing
or just one more meeting taking
and he either really likes me or hates me
but I can’t tell when people do nice shit for me but I’m working on letting that go and just enjoying shit so I’m super high ATM and thinking highly
about making a 2-hour drive to a casino for the day
because I’ve got the itch and hell, last weekend I nearly drove that far just to meet some raggedy piece of shit whack ass broke bum dude so I certainly can make the trip to do some shit I actually like doing
throwing money into the winds like some sort of mini-god and whatnot
and I ask myself are you playing a character or playing yourself
but it don’t matter really
as long as I’m free…

2 responses to “rashomon effect”

  1. Da Absentee Avatar

    As long as your free…!🙂 stay safe!


  2. Queen Rude Avatar

    Roger that! Thanks as always for reading and commenting!


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