Today’s confession is brought to you by the nurse’s aide at the hospital… I’m going in for my pre-op confirmation appointment, deliriously nervous and scared and the aide asked me how was I doing and I was like, I mean… it could be better
I’m at the doctor’s…
and she was like I’m not having a good day either (here comes the confession that I did not expect or ask for) mind you– she is supposed to be putting my information into the system for the surgeon to review but she is telling me this story while she is doing that and is super animated and aggressive about it-so she says,” I’ve had a terrible day myself I went to go to drop off my kids and the TA yelled at my daughter screaming in the window of my car that you can’t let her out here and slammed the door and I almost lost my mind! I got out of the car and told her don’t touch my car why would she do that then she started taking pictures of the car and was causing all this chaos!”
I’m sitting there, terrified of the situation and this woman and she tells me (the mother who’s the nurse’s aide)that she went into the school and got the principal and told the principal that the TA was belligerent and the Principal says that she (the TA) usually has such a good rapport with the families and stuff so she doesn’t know what was going on but the aide insisted that this girl (the TA) was doing too much and that just because she is a nurse it doesn’t mean that she can’t throw hands (her words) and people need to respect her because she was ready to fight and then she needed to whisper to me while she’s reliving this experience and typing my body’s details into the Surgeon’s network app that the TA was white which was hilarious because the nurse’s aide looked white to me but anyway she completely went off about how her day was already terrible and she will not be disrespected by anybody or she’s pulling her fists out and then the next thing after she told the story she said so do you smoke like nothing had just happened- her demeanor changed back into the face and character of a nurse’s aide from the violent upset momma bear she had become in order to tell me how brave and bad ass she was and it was really weird and it wasn’t until she said Dios mio until I realized why she made the skin tone comment about the TA…
I’m like OK well luckily your daughter was safe and didn’t get hurt and you didn’t have to fight anyone so it all worked out and yeah I do smoke (I wanted to smoke right fucking then, to be honest) and she said uhm hmm…and went about documenting my information.

So that’s the confession I had heard for today and although we never got back around to discussing how I was feeling since I’m the one about to lose body parts soon and that was the reason I was even there to hear her story in the first place but
I’ve stopped being mad about these little interruptions at inopportune times in my life because alas, I used to be a priest in the 1100s and I was wearing all black and this woman was almost certainly Catholic.

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