What I’ve just learned recently:

If you go into something new with expectations and trying to control outcomes you need to sit yo ass down and be alone a bit longer.
If you love yourself you ain’t wasting no time in life trying to control anybody else.
You go in to GIVE ’cause you got enough to spare- you don’t go into GET unless you’re paying, baby.

Yo ass scared to not be in charge then you ain’t in charge now, sugar.
If you starting a sentence “You made me feel” then you already wrong. Nawl, a situation occurred. You thought about that situation afterward which was your first mistake because it already couldn’t be changed. You took those thoughts and made them into interpretations that put YOURSELF in a negative light. Now, why would you do that if you were healthy, honey? Those interpretations made you feel emotions, darling and those are the ones that you chose out of all of ’em.

It could have not mattered.
That was an option you neglected to consider.
And if that motherfucker fixes his mouth to tell you that you dodged a bullet getting away from his ass on god, believe him and continue creating distance, darling.


You ain’t ever supposed to stop a person who is trying to leave you and once they are gone, your future doesn’t include them in this timeline no mo’.
Be at peace.

Why not: https://books2read.com/u/47Ooq8

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