My Old Routine- If you ever see this cycle out of me, break free:

Bring me a smile, a real smile, from ear to ear
lips apart, hands over your heart after pulling me near
Bring me a soul that listens and likes my voice 
a head built for my lap whenever resting is a choice
Thoughts and dreams of me swirling in mind
eye contact so sticky looking elsewhere feels blind
Bring me laughs that echo hours after you’ve gone
Tell me often that you are stupid and broken, and wrong
but on the mend, I’ll understand, you make me happy

stay as long as you feel the same way about me
stay as long as you feel the same way about me

Bring me all of your time we both got a lucky break
Do it all for the camera and watch how fast I call you fake
Watch how fast I walk away, forget you even exist
I don’t want none of it if you don’t mean the shit
Save that smile, the pretend one, for your phony flaky friends
Become the robot you always wanted with no real attachments in the end
Likes and followers got you thinking lies are true
If it is not real the joke ain’t on me it is on you
Tell me you are wack and a lazy punk bitch and sad
and that you do it for the subscribers and I shouldn’t be mad
Leave as soon as you run that simple bullshit my way
Keep your raggedy minute existence, you won’t ruin my day
So if you’re inconsistent I’ma assume it was all a lie
and as I’m burning up all your belongings and crying I tried
I’ll think back to the first time I ever saw you really smile
and quietly I’ll softly put you back on my mind’s pedestal for a while…
I’ll forget why we aren’t together, what could have caused such fear
Bring me a smile, a real smile, from ear to ear

I mean, check it out:

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