A heartwarming story rotting from the inside out

I’m supposed to be chilling right now according to somebody
way less worried than I am
and I’ll tell ya I had a fantasy today
about winning the lottery
what kind of sad helpless bullshit is that
and all I thought about is what I would give people
with the money
and then I thought about how I would write my mom
a letter disowning her and giving her like $100,000 which is more than she has ever spent on me my whole life
as an insult I guess
but she can’t be insulted if it is genuine
now why was I thinking that
of all the things I could think to do
with imaginary bread
so then I thought your life actually is just fine
and you’re used to tripping
so just realize that is what is happening right now
nothing is wrong you just aren’t focused on anything specific at the moment
and maybe that’s what you need to do
instead of worrying about why you are worrying
about somebody else’s point of view

Get busy, girl

You know you want to: https://books2read.com/u/b6MW2Z

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