Thank you for showing interest in me.
I wish that I could love you but I can not, I’m afraid.
After thinking about it completely I have to trust that I didn’t want to communicate with you further for a reason initially. I’m glad to hear that you’ve gotten your life together for yourself, that is always good but nothing has drastically changed about our communication and lifestyle that makes me want to pursue an association any further.
I wish that I could like you even, I really do, but alas, I can’t.
You’re very right every time you facetiously tell me that I’m the boss and I know that I shouldn’t feel bad if I made a decision months ago to move on from an acquaintance with you.
Yes, I do want to choke you to sleep. Yes, stabbing you with something of course sounds fun but looking at you, talking to you, spending time with you when there are so many other things I could do, like die, makes it an impossibility. Forgive me.
I think I will do what a boss does, trust my decision, keep moving forward with my life and continually wish you well. I’m sure there is someone out there in this world that can take your boredom away since the only reason you dug up a mechanism to contact me was because of it and it alone.
I don’t know why people leave me and come back to me and leave me and come back to me and I don’t understand why I’ve accepted that shit from so many people just like you so often but in this instance, I really wish I could, I do, you are so ready to be manipulated and used but I just can’t convince myself to do it again. I’m sorry.
We have had our shot at it but that time has passed and there is no recreating it. Do take care of yourself and good luck. Let’s not disturb each other’s progress again and do our utmost best to be happy and safe and move on.
I wish that I could make this easier for you to hear but that isn’t within my power either so…there’s nothing I can do.
Have a great weekend and life! 
If you can, If you can, If you can…

Go ahead with your bad self:

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