In circumstances similar
I would suggest that you remember
loving oneself is the best defense
it’s an inner sewing kit
and it can withstand
the cruelty that can only be known to man
and once you do, so much less susceptible are you
to the machinations of others
unhealed among us
flattering the flattering
imitation is more than attention seeking
we learn by repeating
let nothing break your skin while you’re dancing
concentration is commanding
roll with self-love and stick the landing
demonstrate your understanding
the hearts of men are elastic
in similar circumstances

2 responses to “The Antiquarian Fantasy Violence of Praus”

  1. Da Absentee Avatar

    Feel like i needed to read this…


    1. Queen Rude Avatar

      Probably so. Thank you as always for reading and commenting, I appreciate it very much.

      Liked by 1 person

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