Don’t have TV tits so my perspective is lopsided.
I feel like when you almost vomit that should be called doing a Seth McFarlane.
How much Scooby Doo can I watch in a day? A lot evidently.
I’m super baked right now at 4:51 PM when I’m typing this and I feel like someone should know that part.
Of course, I’ma click on a YouTube video called what if Neo took both pills.
The next person that says something to me I’m just going to respond my pussy’s wet just to see what happens next. Well, that is something I would have done at some point in the near past, lol.
You’re your own client in the business of you today, kids.
I learned this week that I’m doing the right amount of applying myself based on what I truly want at the moment and that was nice to feel. Didn’t last long but what does?
I also experience entirely too many painful emotions to be a psychopath and that’s good news too.
I think in unloved tweets now, it’ll be hard to shake it.
I will though, eventually.

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