Ignis fatuus

Don’t need a deluxe suite in the Maldives Or a country home with rows of deciduous trees I don’t need a diamond brooch or sapphire ring Although I won’t turn down either of those things So I’m sure that if I don’t have bucks in the bank I probably don’t need premium fuel in my tank I … Continue reading Ignis fatuus


Nothing goes away until Your mind escapes the mundane And you’re floating on micro waves Nothing stays the same unless Your body hates its place And you’re stuck in a stagnant state So when I am with you Every single thing moves Every single song woos Nothing needs to be the truth Because nothing goes … Continue reading Deadfall

Seeing double

He’s close to being good enough, we sing the exact tune He’s very nearly perfectly the kind I’d belong to He’s thoughtful and affectionate and seems to be smart His lips unfurl the sweetest kisses lapping up my heart But when my glass is empty and the smoke can’t keep me high I remember that I … Continue reading Seeing double


Floating here Outstretched limbs Patiently waiting for my other half to figure out with longitudinal precision where the fuck I am exactly Out of the billions of options cascading and colliding in the same submissive pose on a tiny spinning pin prick dangling on the edge of the perceived universe where there are an infinite … Continue reading Teeter