Job Description

Perhaps I’m more than just a lover but only slightly less than a wife- Because that irritation that you need to feel with her, with me, exits life.. Perhaps you want me to stay, always, but simply cannot say… Too much bullshit forever wrecklessly at play- Perhaps I’m that awesome space between the two, in … Continue reading Job Description

Membrum virile

My most furious of rages under his control My most painful solace only his to mold But minimal remorse exists between us two… I don’t want what WE don’t want to do- My dangerous ecstasies he commits to without lie (But we both know we lie all the damned time) My lonely bedroom has a … Continue reading Membrum virile

Ignis fatuus

Don’t need a deluxe suite in the Maldives Or a country home with rows of deciduous trees I don’t need a diamond brooch or sapphire ring Although I won’t turn down either of those things So I’m sure that if I don’t have bucks in the bank I probably don’t need premium fuel in my tank I … Continue reading Ignis fatuus


Nothing goes away until Your mind escapes the mundane And you’re floating on micro waves Nothing stays the same unless Your body hates its place And you’re stuck in a stagnant state So when I am with you Every single thing moves Every single song woos Nothing needs to be the truth Because nothing goes … Continue reading Deadfall