City Witch Rude Queen AKA TL Banks in mixed company


Never enough to be pretty is all the change I have in my pocket, so I was told many moons ago that books were my REAL friends. I now believe that one’s words should plant the kind of tree that they would like to see grown in the heart- the only problem- is a heart is required.

I won’t say that Pixie is an authentically abstract and wicked witch of the west with a poisoned pen and terrible white boy addiction but if you’re here then, you already know.

The only shit Pixie does well is to cause chaos, write poetic musings and break hearts internationally so tread lightly, her and my next descriptive disaster could be about you…and you don’t even have to be able to read in cursive.

Get in touch

Welcome to my twisted world ! Pixie is always available for side collaborations and talks with men who like to be humiliated worldwide. If you want to chat about comics, books, beer, poetry, musicals, death, or anything else, don’t hesitate in reaching out.

Hopefully, you will find on the blog all of the information that you need about me, the Author, TL Banks, and my work.  I like to think of myself as what would happen if girls could have babies with girls- My parents would be Dorothy Parker and Nikki Giovanni, for sure. 

BONUS: If you purchase a copy of The Minx, Pixie’s Last Summer, It’s Never Over, Lascivious Musings, or Licking Wounds and send a picture of yourself reading the hardcover copy to my e-mail address, I will gladly send you an electronic copy of another title of your choosing if I have your permission to post your photo on my page! (Look at you, you are almost famous, already!) You can send photos of you reading any one of those awesome books to Subject line: I’m too DOPE!
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Feel free to send a link to this hot mess to all of your favorite poetry reader and writer friends, cock sucking family and former lovers!


Hello, Poetry lovers and Pixie Prince fans,
If this is your first time to the page, it’s important that you click on everything because if you don’t put your hands all over it, how will you know if you like it? 🙂
Just so that you are aware, without having asked permission or being legally affiliated in any way, purchasing any of my books also supports women’s shelters in the Midwest and Southern Nevada who house displaced women and children that have been affected by domestic violence or sexual assault. Spending your reading dollars with me not only provides you with a little piece of my art but also helps others in need.  Reading and sharing are fundamental tasks to creating a more artistic environment for all! If you would much rather bypass me because you hate poetry and sass then feel free to support and donate to them directly.

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