North Star

I hope for more always for magic forever because I’m too horrible not to want I was always just fine before without you before but now I wish for peace always but not the kind born of quiet any ways I’d rather the kind of calm that comes from completion Of work that someone else … Continue reading North Star

The 4 Movements

Perfume fills the room… First line of thinking– Opening sonata-Well, at least somebody likes you for goodness sake, you’re not getting any younger and you’ll be dead soon and listen, this might be your last chance to find a guy who will tolerate all of your unladylike ways so you better jump on it girl, … Continue reading The 4 Movements


Frozen pancakes and I’m sopping up the syrup with them, mad, that I saw 75 cars that looked like your old raggedy ass car when I was on the road today and I stopped for more beer and worried about how much money I’ve spent on beer this week and paid the man at the … Continue reading Sugarhead