I am nearly drowning….. If they sold replicas of you on the internet I’d have bought all of them by now and still be mad that none of them are really you…. Is there anything better in this stupid world then seeing your fantasy unfurl? Hello monster that I brought to life You’re mine. And you … Continue reading Lunatic


I could be mistaken but I am pretty sure that this is called an ambush. If this is love then there is definitely a dude, with a long white beard, on a golden throne, in the sky, with nothing else to do but jump to my defense when traffic is heavy on 75 and flick other … Continue reading Venery

Clown Shit

The trick is you gotta master misdirection She heard him say he was leaving but couldn’t let him So he kept on decieving at his discretion Still she craves him without asking any questions… The trick is you gotta play change blindness He loved someone else that’s where his mind is So he kept his heart hoping she acquiesces … Continue reading Clown Shit