Fishing Lures

First blessed pull: I’m sure smoking with me is a horrible way to spend a few hours but you should… Third pull: I’m just curious if you want to or not, you know? Wanting to and doing so are not the same, are they? Sixth pull: Nothing is more beautiful in the world than a … Continue reading Fishing Lures

After A Good Run

They say that if you want something never give it up. But then they turn right around and say if you love something set it free. Love> Want. So, I’ve been trying to think of something to say to you, for two days now, that’s not manipulative, or trivial or childish. Still, after all of … Continue reading After A Good Run

Sanguineous Crust

I tell myself shit like, self love is my only business but as you can clearly see, fuck me… I tell myself corny shit just so that┬ámy demons get to sleep My rhymes are doltish right now Just like you, fool My rhymes are obtuse right now and we all play so┬áconfused I tell myself … Continue reading Sanguineous Crust

Anakin Skywalker

I don’t want to talk about how sad I am, how forlorn, how empty, how pseudostrong, I’m using pseudo wrong, so I don’t want to discuss how you fill me when you feel me, how every second is infinity, where the cosmic quest’s objective is met, electric kiss of elusive kismet, so close to me, … Continue reading Anakin Skywalker