Gas Money

He says I don’t have to buy him things but I’d buy him all the world has and the return on my investment is my body gripped in his hands There is no yeti, no chupacabra, no monster in Loch Ness, he doesn’t understand why I love him and that’s probably for the best Santa’s … Continue reading Gas Money


I told you no because I was scared (You know I was scared, you ’bout that bullshit) So I pretended that some dude was on his way so that you’d leave What I’ma do about wearing emoji hearts on my sleeve? I told you no because I was feeling things Stupid things Way pretending So I pretended … Continue reading UBER GIRL

Window Shopping

This one, grizzled and hardened Commanding and furrowed Peaks my interest… That one, suave and debonair Silky and talkative Keeps me entertained… The other one, pathetic and pleading Devoted and needy Breaks my savage heart in two… And the brand new one, beautiful in profile Thoughtful and contagious Can have whatever of me that he … Continue reading Window Shopping