He’s a shower and I’m a scarf. I’m a dump truck and he is typewriter ribbon. I’m the catfish that he can’t resist. He’s an envelope and I’m ground pepper. I’m an elastic waistband and he’s a thermometer. I’m the city that he revisits… I’m worthless, He’s useless. He’s a shower and I’m a scarf. … Continue reading GlobalWarming

Icicles Kill

Holiday cheer unfolding in the air Brightly lit prisoners with loving to spare Nothing else feels more grave than wishing you’d have stayed Wintry brainwashed slave My own frigid jailer with no one to blame Dancing on yule logs but don’t recall why Everything we’re happy about is a cold overtold lie And this is … Continue reading Icicles Kill


You’re right half of the time So I hunt you but not to have you because if I ever got you I’d just release you And I’m right half of the time and I know that wishing and itching I hunt you trying, aching, dying- but not to own you promising and overtly lying- because … Continue reading Cacciatore