Mitigating Community Spread My Way

What boy get out of my face
Hell nawl you can’t come kick it at my place
Sad thing is you’re too dumb to see the truth
The dirt on your hands didn’t come from Bluetooth
Ain’t you married motherfucker what the fuck is this shit?
You think I’m so lonely that I’m desperate and will let your tired ass hit?
You wanna disinfect your mouth with soaps just like you were told
But you don’t use condoms when you fuck people you don’t know
You’re trying to flatten the curve by crying at church
Mad scared that your spouse saw your last internet search
Begging man-made deities to provide you with grace
And you miss the job that fucks you too antsy to shelter in place
This is all a hoax you say on a global scale made just for you
Since you know better than what the scientists tell your ass to do
You swear you’re immune so you keep touching your face
Quarantined with people you hate on a water ball floating in space
This ain’t your new normal yet you’re scared of 5G
Your only social distance is between you and reality
I only got one body and my temple is for a chosen few
So don’t text me no more dumb-ass and no you can’t fall through…


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