Thank you for the offer and the attention but I think going further would be a mistake for me. I decided to use a dating app to meet someone interested in me and I genuinely believe the person who really is wouldn’t be super horny and just interested in sex. I don’t have a problem with sex but I’m very good at it and I’ve had plenty of casual sex, 30 years worth and this makes me feel manipulative, sad, and kinda lame. You’re very sweet and cute so again thanks, so again thanks, thanks again…I’m sure lots of ladies my age if they don’t catch themselves, will try to relive a fantasy with you to prove a point. I don’t have anything to prove. I want to be in love and I’m not. Might seem stupid but I deserve to have a shot at that just once- so I need to behave just once- like the kind of woman who is worth it. Like I said this was fun so again thanks, so again thanks, thanks again…but I’m going to pass. Take care of yourself and sorry to ruin your plans but I’m confident you’ll find what you’re seeking right around the corner. Have fun, (insert innocent’s name)! 

Stay with me baby:

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