Somebody has to be Grace Jones.
I’ve been thinking a lot during this time of solitude and recovery about what kind of person I want to be when I get to interact with others again. I didn’t think I’d get another chance to reinvent so quickly- the last time being the start of the COVID pandemic-wasn’t a decade in the past and is still impacting us and already I get time to sit backstage in my own life and craft my character once more. A refinement of sorts. And being afforded this opportunity I have to seize it because it is almost not in my hands whether I do or not-The changes I have made so far have carried me to this point and if I’m getting pitstops, apparently what I have done is not enough for the rest of the race…
I’ve been crawling forward cautiously, cutting my belly open dragging my fears and hesitations along the ground with me when if I just stood up, I could run.

A kindness to be sure:

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