Beautiful Gigantic FireBall Blues

How do I want to die if I can choose?
What would a better version of me do in my shoes?
Since I am the most interesting person in this body at the moment what personality traits suit how I want to present myself to the world?
Is helping hurting or healing unfurled?
Is lying worse than murder?
Is there leverage for the marytr?
Why does it irritate me so much?
Does sanity mean purposely out of touch?
Am I going to make myself attempt more?
Who is keeping score and what for?
Am I the source of any problems I might have?
Is living so long what is making us all so fucking sad?
Is there anything at all that isn’t a waste of time?
How come I can’t let every thought float away that swims through my mind?
How strong is a killing desire supposed to be?
Can I keep living with ends unjustified by irrelevant means?
Am I acting? How would I know for sure?
Could love where there is possession ever be pure?
What does it mean and why does it matter in any tangible way?
Why do answers never make my questions fade?

Who is innocent:

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