I’m falling in love with myself, I see.
I need her.
She’s quite excellent actually and talented. Creative.
Traveled and wise and powerful.
Mesmerizing, really.
She’s intelligent and fucking beautiful.
I am She.
So today I said to her, hey girl.
How are you feeling?
Cool, yeah, yeah CAN IT.
I said, CAN IT, bitch. Stay Present.
We need to feel good about being our self now.
We are growing into us and we are going to treat us like we love us.
Because bitch, we do.
Don’t waste anything- like the energy exhausted in hating me.
You’re on your own here and always have been.
This is the only chance left.
So what would the best version
best because she is the most fulfilled, most sane, most joyful
version of us…
what the fuck would SHE DO today?
Then, Do it. Because we are. And we will. There are no alternatives.
I. Am. She.
Second wind, all in…

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