I sat down with myself and got high and then I said to me
Girl, please let me explain to you the truth if he is talking about let’s be friends then he is not the one for you
not right now anyway
he’s got lots of options or he’s pretending to
and you can take it from me because I am a person that has had sex on the hood of a hot car in the parking lot at Kodak
Whew if those parking lot patrol pictures ever surface dear Lord
I’m telling you that no dude in the history of dudes is walking around telling the person that they actually like that they would want to be friends unless there’s some sinister and nefarious backup plan or his level of Interest isn’t super deep at this stage
and there’s been quite a few dudes who have said to you
With the added bonus of I’m just trying to take my time and see what happens so I want to start off as friends first and go from there
He didn’t realize I’ve learned so much that he doesn’t know that he told me
see if you’re creating a bench of people that you can potentially pick from for mates and you’re calling them friends
Now every single time I meet any other single female that you know that you call a friend I’m going to assume that she is also on the bench and vying for her time to play on the team
if you’re the kind of person that can’t even make a commitment to dating one individual and being upfront and honest with the world about that then you’re probably not the kind of person I personally would be looking for and what you’re doing would stand out to me because my expectation is that the male that I’m interested in would easily let his intentions be known so saying well let’s just see where it goes is basically saying I don’t really care about you right now so if you fall off the fucking face of the Earth that what’s up for somebody but it’s not me
and I do believe that in some cases
that’s healthy in the beginning
but I think the thing is
it’s healthy to feel like that
but it’s not necessary to say it
because saying it allows the other person to think that this is not going anywhere
then I’m a free agent and so 5 minutes after this conversation if someone who may not be as good of an option for me shows me some serious interest then the course of history is about to change and it’s doing so based on your words alone
do with that information what you will, bitch

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