You thought it was safe to pick Mary Ann over Ginger
and that’s when you already lost
I wish I would tell a double cheeseburger
hey cheeseburger
I wanna eat you
but I can’t
I want to though
but if I do
I’ll be less than the hero
in my delusions
so cheeseburger

go be delicious over there
over where?
Either you lying or you’re lying
and I just don’t know what about
but the fact that you’d choose to lie
to me
of all people
the one person you never have to lie to…
I just wanna put you in a Tinkerbell-sized glass with some wings and tap it whenever I need to be inspired

why would you think to try and deny either of us the pleasure unless
you’re afraid of me
that I might blow up everything purposely
so you’re trying to use my power against me
and you think you’re winning

I see through you
I always do
why else would I play with you
whenever I feel like it?
I control the center

slow down
Don’t make me protest with all these players I still have active in the game
slow down
I got years on you
I’ve racked up more broken hearts and promises
then time has even allowed you
slow down
trust me
if anybody decides when things are ending
slow down
if you’re afraid to relinquish control
its because

you do not have control at all

just when you thought it was safe
tell Mary I said what’s up the next time you use her to kiss me away

this is my game
I’ve had you in ways she can’t name
you’re overselling being afraid

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