The mood can make you move in directions that make reality less unsettling.
The mood can give you the courage and resolve to continue on the road you are on.
The mood could stabilize
or destabilize any wobbly personalities or attitudes.
The mood is the influence you work within or try to live without.
The mood is the moment and the moment is always shifty as fuck.
Now that I know what the mood can do to me
I’ve decided to not match the energy
but to let it wash over me
remember that it comes in waves and starts and ends
to let it flow through me
and show me opportunities
I wouldn’t have otherwise seen
and to never let it break me
because when the minute catches up to the momentum
the piece de resistence is
I am the mood.

Two years of turmoil, temptations, and trials unfold in this anthology of poetic musings by TL Banks. In a quick and chaotic changing world the mind of one hopelessly romantic and fiercely opinionated woman was changing as well…was love the answer to all questions or was death or both? Her ravings are problematic and passionate and 100% human. This collection of weirdly resonant and unhemmed lyrical edges captures moments and memories that are sad and still triumphant as TL grapples with what pierces her armor the most- the misunderstood and stigmatized mechanization of Borderline Personality Disorder and the counterintuitive steps toward sanity during a global pandemic.

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