It’s not personal usually.
My ego might disagree of course because it is obviously particular about itself like that.
Do I want to be right? Absolutely.
But I know that about myself
so I do the required research
between the facts and my feelings now.
When being right is in direct conflict with my peace and happiness and the results don’t outweigh the cost then, I’ma chill.
Which means my ego has to chill.
Whatever it is it isn’t about me. It’s about us.
It’s about figuring out how we can communicate better with one another, taking into account the other person’s style and intentions, especially when I know I think 905,000 negative thoughts all day long.
They just wanna be right too like I do.
If we look at it differently…usually…typically…maybe we can see together- where what we agree on overlaps in our understanding

and where it differs
and what we can do without
going forward

what we’re willing to adjust in service of the communication
on the off chance that this time
the shit really is personal
determine what insecurities might be making me hold onto someone or something that is affecting me in ways I can’t fix.
My ego surely isn’t going to try to think it through.
It knows me not we.
It doesn’t care how you feel like I’m trying to.

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