I’ma tell you what I’m not finna do
worry about my damn looks
chile, I been getting away with murder

looking very ugly to some
why do I want to go and try to make myself look like a copy of everyone else

oh no you gone remember this
exactly how it is
you might catch me in some makeup and some costume hair from time to time
and I’ll slide on some spanx now and again
but not to put too fine a point on what other people might be doing
because clearly, I don’t give a damn
I’m putting on no extra lashes or acrylic or silicon or whatever the hell else comes out to try to tell me what a woman is supposed to look like on for you
and I’m damn sure not going to do it to lie and say its for myself
and at what age do I get to disobey
what everybody else wants to see
’cause I’m clearly that age now

fuck all that
for me
you do you
I was told I was ugly from the start

and I took that shit since it was the first thing I ever heard to heart
But if you look at anything for long enough you’ll like it you dummy

so do you think I give a fuck about getting older in appearance?
Old is the goal, ain’t it?
Proof you’ve been around here for a while with your grey hair and saggy whatever they want to point out.
I got real problems like what the fuck am I gonna do with each day I keep getting…

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