Differently Tricky Preferred Indifferents

The chair says I deserve to rest, like a god on a throne
The microphone screams noise is the only way to be known
The computer calculates the approximation of a good life
The television shows what it could possibly look and sound like
The car thinks its Icarus but it’s practice for the journey on the styx
The window is always name dropping the television and how jealous it is
The mailbox carries lies, coughs often and smokes cigarettes
The incense says forgive always but never ever forgets
The ottoman thinks the chair’s a bitch and too dumb to pity
The pen captures it all but refuses to move without me
The keyboard is the most dangerous in the room and is frenemies with the house keys
The car calls the chair a clown and swears the incense drugs me
The pen and keyboard giggle silently that the window is a foolish thug
Nobody ever thinks to ask, what’s up with the rug?

Two years of turmoil, temptations, and trials unfold in this anthology of poetic musings by TL Banks. In a quick and chaotic changing world the mind of one hopelessly romantic and fiercely opinionated woman was changing as well…was love the answer to all questions or was death or both? Her ravings are problematic and passionate and 100% human. This collection of weirdly resonant and unhemmed lyrical edges captures sloppy moments and messy memories that are sad and still triumphant as TL grapples with what pierces her armor the most- the misunderstood and stigmatized mechanization of Borderline Personality Disorder and the counterintuitive steps toward sanity during a global pandemic.


If you’re into it kiddo, like Rudely Raw Poisoned Pen on Meta too. Smootches.

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