He’s cute but muscle memory will have you reaching for that thing you don’t even desire that you used to do to get by so now that you feel it again just recognize that it has become a habit and you’re not indulging in it any longer.
You know he doesn’t fit though and it’s okay to feel that pull and sit with it until it passes because eventually the time it takes to refocus your attention back to what’s really good and what you actually want gets smaller and smaller.
You’re not indulging, got it?
He’s your tricky type, sweetie but having someone be a part of your life because you choose each other and you make each other happier is the only way.
Sure, you’d like to kiss him to death but settling for anything less than reciprocity is selling everybody short and that’s not what love would do, or at least the kind of love you find yourself craving, anyway.
We’re not indulging, remember?
You could force it, but a long-term monogamous relationship is not a guarantee for anyone and comes with a lot of compromises so enjoy the time that you aren’t responsible for anybody’s actions or feelings other than your own.
You’re a handful as it is, doll, and if he can’t tell already, he wouldn’t last a week anyhow. 
There’s no indulging if you’re balanced.

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