Now there’s a man a real nice man, a nice man that I know
he lives next door and he’s looking for more and something sweet could grow
But there’s another man, a Biblical Scorpion man ready to ride or die on my count and lives just far enough away that if he came, he’d stay, ’cause I would never let him get back out

Now what’s a girl to do when she is forced to choose between candy and a cocaine bump, well of course she has them both, and then before you know it the bitch is silly and really fucked up
I’m gonna stand back this time and watch Sweetie and Mister Hot start to lie and see what it is they decide to do, I won’t forget myself or send myself to hell on this damn double-feature loop

One looks good to me and I can’t wait to see if he moves differently than my tricky type in the past, the other is close to me and could possibly be the kind of man I should pay attention to at last

They don’t know I’m single because whenever I’m open to love the meaty parts I want don’t come in just one steak I don’t know right now, except for always somehow I end up with what I want and desire in two different choices to make

Am I finna get fucking stung or a sugar buzz?

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