The architectonic principle of Violence, Alcohol Abuse, and Foul Language

Thing is
if something is just going to turn back into itself after like a billion years
then this is the first version of me in this form
that exists
that we know about
because it’s not like any records from any similar creatures a billion years ago would be available to me to peruse today
and according to what we can gather
our system was some different shit than it is now
and creatures like me were no where to be found until thousands of years ago which quite frankly is new shit
so technically
I’m the first me
so in a billion years when that me which is still me is back
I hope she’s born into an existence different from this hell where love is in abundance and there is more happiness and peace than the opposite but in actuality I don’t give a shit because this run is half done for all I know
and if so
have I enjoyed it completely at all?
I don’t fucking have time for no bullshit considering, bitch.

Not now.

Not ever when my clock ticks.

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