May I rant a moment…
I’m genuinely disappointed in females everywhere.
That’s what I said.
I understood that after a certain age I no longer needed to take anybody’s shit and I could do and say what I wanted
and the best part of that authority was going to be that I was not beholden to the male gaze.
I had graduated see but noooooo
these supplements taking petty ass super divas out here
want to primp and prance until their 90 claiming that this is what they want to do
screaming these are my choices
but bitch, yes you
you are still choosing to do shit to get applause??

like you never should have had to feel the need to start doing this shit in the first place but to get to a genetic marker and balk because you haven’t had enough yet of men judging you by your clothes and hairsyle so you out here getting surgeries and wearing Spanx and lipstick until you fucking die because everybody has to think of you sexually forever?

GAWD DAMN. Maybe if you bitches would fuck enough you wouldn’t still need all these likes on your instagram at 77.

And I can hear you now ooh you jealous, what’s wrong with me loving myself uhm on what level is making Maybelline rich you looking out for you, doll?

I hate earth. Mind you nobody’s too old to do whatever the fuck they want, that was indeed the point of being a grown up but why oh why of all of the things women could do when they are no longer bleeding every fucking month would you choose to clamor for attention on your body…
is your mind underdeveloped?!
Do you literally have nothing else on this planet to live for?
You should have the respect to tell everybody to sit down shut up and come rub your feet because you are OLD and you have EARNED IT
but noooooo they want to take pills and get shots and pretend to be an extended play version of who they were ions ago
I would complain about men doing it too but let’s be honest I don’t give a fuck about what they think, that is what I’m trying to tell you!!!

I can’t see how or why you still need to be told you’re pretty?!
At 80?!

Why do you even fucking still care what anyone thinks?!
Is this supposed to be the demonstration of that nonchalance, acting like a tween?!
Ugh. So confused. We can’t transition now?!?!
Fuck outta here!
I can’t go from maiden to mother to wise old fucking crone anymore?!
But I was looking forward to it you youth-obsessed cowards!
Only the too young to know better and the flat out dumb want to keep chasing external approval, and no, no no no, nobody’s trying to dim your fucking shine you lunatic
live for fucking ever working shit jobs to afford to bathe in Botox, bitch if you like but I think it’s a horrifyingly childish decision and all of the broads who are into it, we’re not friends.
Delete me ’cause you finna watch me age you heifer you!

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